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EA Requirements Framework (Mock-up)

A mock-up users’ interface to frame the arguments about EA framework requirements.

Enterprise architects are presented with views of architectural assets and associated processes.
Enterprise architects are presented with views of architectural assets and associated processes.

Requirements Taxonomy

An interactive quiz mapping the requirements for the Emperor Garage to the proposed taxonomy.

Interactive Quiz for Requirements Taxonomy

The interactive quiz with clues and tentative answers can be obtained by sending an email at caminao@gmail.com, with “EGR” as subject.

Requirements Analyst (Read Only)

This prototype is meant to be a Proof of Concept by demonstrating the potential benefits of requirements analysis based on functional stereotypes. In order to benefit from a comprehensive and well documented case, and avoid tailor-made examples, requirements are taken from the SysML Sample Problem.

Apart from the diagrams defined with the sample, requirements are organized using the levels of stereotypes introduced with the mock-up:

  • Core artifacts for actual and symbolic objects and behaviors, together with events and roles.
  • Generic stereotypes for containers, power-types, and derived artifacts.
  • Functional stereotypes.
  • Features: attributes, operations, and constraints.
Caminao Requirements Browser

Requirements can be explored along six perspectives:

  • Containment: artifacts ownerships as introduced by analysts; no modeling semantics.
  • Structure: subset of containment; artifacts ownerships along modeling semantics.
  • Actual/Symbolic relationships: binds between actual objects and processes and their symbolic representation.
  • Links: functional connections between objects and or activities.
  • Usage: modeling dependencies between artifacts.
  • Generalization/Specialization.
Caminao Requirements Browser (detail)

While some artifacts have been fully stereotyped (e.g agents or control units), others use only default options as iterative stereotyping is pivotal to requirements analysis and, more broadly, to architecture driven system modelling.

Mock-up Weaver

A mock-up of the Caminao requirements weaver can be obtained by sending an email (subject: mock-up) to caminao@gmail.com.

The mock-up displays the basic organization of requirements anchored by actual objects and processes and their symbolic representations (A).

Caminao Requirements Weaver (Mock-up)

Anchors can be selected directly using generic (B1) or functional (B2) stereotypes, or along development profiles (C). Non legit anchors can be masked.

Roles, events, attributes, operations, constraints and rules can be introduced directly or in association with anchors (D).

SHIFT key is used to combine anchors. e.g roles played by objects.

Caminao Requirements Weaver (Mock-up)

Use right hand context menu to open Caminao pages in browser.

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