Learning Buffet (WIP)


Objectives & Audience

The objectives of this tutorial buffet is to serve the roots, trunk, and branches of a comprehensive and consistent understanding of systems and enterprise architectures.

The targeted audience is focused on the analysts, architects, and engineers meant to collaborate in projects inception, planning, and development, independently of domains or methodologies.

For that purpose the courses support a smooth learning curve set on a limited number of unambiguous and well accepted definitions before exploring the different topics.


The tutorial is made of five sessions, each focused on dual topics:

  1. Kernel: eight concepts constitute the building blocks of symbolic representations of objects and activities.
  2. Models: Requirements analysis and System functionalities.
  3. Processes: Business and Systems engineering.
  4. Architectures: Enterprise and Systems
  5. Governance: Assessment and Decision-making
Buffet of ecumenical courses
Buffet of ecumenical courses

The courses are meant to be ecumenical: a small set of simple, unambiguous (and non circular) definitions supporting well-known or uncontroversial principles and tenets.


On-line session are anchored to pages with:

  • Basic definitions
  • References to relevant pages or posts
  • Questions and answers

Sessions are free and questions can be asked directly on WordPress or indirectly from LinkedIn forums. Questions asked directly or from the LinkedIn Caminao group will be systematically answered as far are they are relevant and do not backtrack on prior sessions.

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