EU-Rent Car (SBVR)

Business Requirements

EU-Rent is a (fictitious) car rental company, used as a case study in the SBVR specification. The business requirements for EU-Rent include the following:

  • EU-Rent operates in several countries; in each country it has local areas containing branches
  • EU-Rent rents cars to customers from branches; one-way rentals are allowed
  • Rentals may be booked in advance or ”walk-in”
  • Cars are owned by local areas and stored at branches
  • Each car is of a given model;car models are grouped into car groups; all cars in a car group have the same rental tariff
  • Cars are serviced at 5.000 miles intervals
  • EU-Rent notes ”bad experiences” with drivers (police action, unpaid parking fines, cars damaged or not returned to EU-Rent branches, etc.) and may bar drivers who cause them.
Rent a Car (R. Doisneau)

Diagrams are built with Magic Draw using Caminao stereotypes. They follow the sequence of the SBVR case study and the proposed notation for requirements.

E1. Context

Since architecture is first and foremost constrained by the coupling between supporting systems and their operational environment, requirements must identify anchors.

E1. Anchoring Symbolic Representations to Actual Context

Given anchored representation of actual cars and locations, the next step is to describe symbolic representations of locations and car movements.

E3. Car Movements

E3. Car Movements

E5. Locations

E5. Symbolic representation of locations

E6. Car Specifications

E6. Car Specifications (errata: body styles are not subtypes but instances of powertype)

Semantics can be better expressed through ontologies, as illustrated with the Caminao Ontological Kernel (CaKe):

Of particular interest for the integrity and consistency of information models is the distinction between structural, functional, and analytical partitions: whereas models are structurally defined by body style and propulsion but created and identified independently, profiles are created and identified through crossed partitions.

E7. Rentals

E7. Rentals

E8. Rental Categories

E8. Rental Categories

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