Ontological Analysis: Example

An exercise of ontological analysis suggested by Jean Rohmer:

“Pierre a un niveau en anglais professionnel insuffisant selon Paul pour diriger le projet Alpha, du moins tant que Jacques n’aura pas été nommé comme son adjoint, ce qui, selon les règles du Siège, devrait intervenir un peu avant l’officialisation de sa démission de son actuel poste de secrétaire général”

“Peter’s English professional fluency is, according to Paul, insufficient to manage project Alpha, at least until Jacques is named to assist him which, according to the standard rules, should happen some time before the publishing of the resignation of his current position as general secretary”

Using the Cake OWL2 kernel, the objective is to carry out a step-by-step analysis bringing together the different perspectives, from data analysis, to business intelligence.

Requirements in 3D
Yellow lines represent native OWL2 subtype (solid) and instance (doted) connectors, and blue ones kernel connectors.

Blue rectangles are for types, purple ones are for instances.

Postfixes are for kernel base types (_) and stereotypes (≈).


PierrePaul  … projet Alpha, … JacquesSiège …”

Facts: Predicates & Partitions

Predicate & Partition

Facts & Modalities

“… english professional fluency … to manage project Alpha,…”
  • Deontic constraint (prerequisite) for Alpha management (a) : if (? c) then (! b).
  • Instance (d) is about English fluency: any virtual employee X (e) managing the project must be proficient in English.


Peter’s English professional fluency
  • Language professional proficiency is defined from natural language levels (a)
  • Assessment for Pierre in English (b) as neither fair or excellent (c)

Intents & Beliefs

Peter’s English professional fluency is, according to Paul, insufficient to manage project Alpha ….”


Jacques’ Nomination
Episodes are functional units that meet Aristotle three unity condition: same action, same time frame (clock), same location (address space)
Pierre’s nomination … at lest until …

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