Thesauruses, Taxonomies, Ontologies

The Properties of Beasts: The Mammals

The ubiquity of smart technologies in business processes creates a converging perspective for business analysis on the one hand, user experience on on the other hand.

In practical terms (pun intended) such a convergence should first be based on shared semantics between business analysis and user interfaces; hence the growing interest for tools meant to deal with the issue, and the need of some clarification about the difference between thesauruses, taxonomies, and ontologies. That can be achieved through the ontological prism paradigm:

Thesauruses deal with the mapping of facts to concepts, first by naming the facts (glossaries) and then by defining the semantic forces between names, ideas, and concepts.

Taxonomies deal with the mapping of facts to categories, first by identifying individual objects and phenomena, then by defining shared features and corresponding types

Ontologies deal with the mapping of categories and concepts, in other words the relationship between natural and artificial intelligence.


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